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At Cool Control, we take the complete charge of your air conditioning system. While working with us, you’ll realize how important it is to get your air conditioning systems repaired, maintained and successfully installed from time to time. We provide services for domestic, commercial and residential sectors. We have got the solution for your air-conditioning problem. We ensure that all the work is carried out with proper plan of action, that in turn saves you time and money. Our nature of work increases the lifecycle of your air-conditioning system. For the best and quality equipments, get in touch with us and say goodbye to your air conditioning problems. 

Products and services
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance


We provide routine and preventive air conditioning maintenance to our clients in Melbourne. Our air conditioning techniques are committed to quality and safety.


  • Air Conditioning Installation


We take care of your air conditioning installation in an efficient and affordable manner. Our team has a depth of knowledge that sets them apart from the rest of the competitors. We provide fast and reliable service to any kind of damaged air conditioning system.


  • Air Conditioning Supplies


We work with leading brands and assist our clients in supplying the air conditioning parts and equipments.


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